Printing Options [Non-clothing]

Printing Options [Non-clothing]

Here are some of our non-clothing, most common printing options that would be useful for any business, campaign, etc.

Custom Magnets

MATERIAL: 30 mil Flexible Magnetic
SIZING: 2"x3" up to 24"x96"
  1. Single-Sided
  2. Contour/Shape Cut

* Gloss Finish

Roll-Up Banners

MATERIAL: 8mil No Edge Curl
SIZING: 33^7/16"x85"
  1. Single-Sided
  2. Multiple Sizes
*Waterproof, Weather resistant, Light-Weight, Low-Profile

HD Banner

MATERIAL: Vibrant Vinyl Banner
SIZING: 13, 15, & 18oz Weights, Any size available
  1. Smooth, Heat Welded Edges
  2. Grommets
  3. Pole Pockets
  4. Rope Slits
  5. Wind Slits


MATERIAL: 3mm Acrylic, Aluminum Wall Standoffs (stand 3/4" from wall)
SIZING: Multiple Sizes
  1. Single-Sided
  2. Wall Standoffs
*Printed directly on the back with a white under base.

Paper Business Cards

MATERIAL: 16pt Paper
SIZING: Business Cards- 2"x3.5"
  Postcards- 4"x6"| 5"x7"| 6"x9"
      Rack Cards- 4"x9" 
  1. Single-Sided
  2. Double-Sided
*UV Coated, Water Resistant
Hard Cards
MATERIAL: 0.04" Aluminum
SIZING: 2"x3.5"
  1. Single-Sided
  2. Double-Sided
*Durable, Light-Weight, UV Gloss Finish

Dual-View Window

MATERIAL: Adhesive Vinyl 
SIZING: Varied Sizing Options
  1. Contour Cut
  2. Shape Cut
*Double-Sided Print Capability


MATERIAL: 0.04" & 0.08" Metal Signage
SIZING: Multiple Sizes
  1. Single Sided
  2. Double Sided
  3. Contour Cut
  4. Shape Cut
*Smooth Glossy Finish
[Example of Aluminum Signs from Rivesville Elementary/Middle School]

Coro Yard Signs

MATERIAL: 4mm & 10mm Corrugated Plastic
SIZING: Multiple Sizes
  1. Step-Stakes (4mm only)
  2. Single-Sided
  3. Double Sided
  4. Contour Cut
  5. Shape Cut
*Fluted for Ground Stakes, not suitable for Frames.

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